Choosing the Right Sticker For the Motorcycle Helmet

When people decide to buy a motorcycle, the dealer will usually throw in a helmet. This is because state regulations require bike owners to have this on as a safety device. Before leaving the place, the individual should check if this will snugly onto one’s head.

If this can easily be taken on and off, then the person can already drive away. Most motorcycle helmets come in just one color. This is usually in yellow, red, white and orange. Should the individual want to add style to it; there are places that offer stickers that will look good on the helmet.

The decal store is not that hard to find. This is because the people who run these places also make stickers for cars, boats and trucks. The person can drive around town to find it, check the local directory or surf for these in the Internet.

There are hundreds of sticker designs to choose from. The individual will notice that these are available in different shapes and sizes which also means that the price of these vary from $.99 cents to $4.00.

People who want this to look cool and flashy should get those that are reflectorized so that motorists can see the biker on the road. This safety feature will prevent drivers from bumping into the biker from the back causing injury or death.

Many people want to add stickers that have lines going from the front of the helmet until the back. Others want a big cartoon caricature on the sides or on the rear.

If the design the customer wants is not available, the dealer can probably make a customized version according to the specifications given by the client.

Before selecting the sticker, it will be a good idea to imagine how the bike owner will look with it in front of a mirror. If this will make the individual look like a clown, it is advisable to choose something else.

The only safety feature that a motorcycle has against collisions is the helmet. This is because this two-wheeled machine doesn’t have the space for a seat belt or air bags that are commonly found in automobiles.

So if the person wants to look cool and be safe on the road, it will be a good idea to have stickers on it. This will probably make the individual stand out in a crowd of bikers who might mistakenly get someone else’s head gear when it is time to go home.

Some Really Classic Motorcycles Made by Harley

There are some truly classic motorcycles on the market that add a thrilling blend of precision, style, and performance. Harley Davidson has had over one hundred years of developing motorcycles to help them in continuing to please consumer.

The 1957 Harley-Davidson XL Sportster is among more than one hundred fifty classic motorcycles from around the world that has become a collectible by many avid motorcycle enthusiasts. The 1966 Harley-Davidson Sprint motorcycle was an Italian-American hybrid that filled a gap in Harley’s line. Introduced in 1961 as a result of a cooperative venture between Harley-Davidson and Aermacchi of Italy, the Sprint was powered by a 250-cc horizontal four-stroke single.

Despite being decidedly unlike Harley’s traditional products of the time, the Sprint was quite popular with buyers. Little had changed by 1966, although styling had become somewhat more modern. Both street and on and off-road Scrambler models were offered by that time, and modified versions enjoyed a fair degree of competition success. Displacement increased to 350 cc for 1969 on the street-going Sprint, which is now called the SS, while the Scrambler version did not get the larger engine until 1972. Both models disappeared after 1974 to be replaced by two-stroke machines, also built by Aermacchi.

The 1948 Harley-Davidson FL is among the many classic motorcycles from America’s iconic motorcycle marque, because it was big and brawny, loud and proud, and made Harley-Davidson is America on two wheels. It is no coincidence that the history of Milwaukee-based Harley-Davidson, founded in 1903, parallels that of the 20th Century, the American Century. Racers, cops, soldiers, stars, lawyers, and loners all seem to have found themselves on a Harley by experiencing the magic in these profiles and pictures of very special Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Harley Davidson began building motorcycles with the 1905 Harley-Davidson, then they followed up with the 1909 Harley-Davidson V-Twin. During the 1910s, Harley Davidson designed four motorcycles, which were the 1912 X8A, 1915 11F, 1916 J, and the 1918 18-J. Then in the 1920s, Harley Davidson only manufactured three motorcycles, which were the 1920 20-J, 1925 JD, and the 1927 BA.

During the 1930s and the 1940s, Harley Davidson continued with their great motorcycles with the introduction of ten fantastic motorcycles. These motorcycles were the 1931 Model D, 1934 VLD, 1936 EL, 1938 UL, 1942 WLA and XA, 1947 Servi-Car, 1948 FL, 1948 S-125, 1948 WL, and the 1949 FL Hydra-Glide. Harley designed nine motorcycles during the 1950s. These motorcycles were the 1951 Police Special, 1952 FL Hydra-Glide, 1954 FL Hydra-Glide, 1955 FL Hydra-Glide, 1956 KHK, 1957 XL Sportster, 1958 FL Duo-Glide, 1959 Police Special, and the 1959 XLCH Sportster.

During the 1960s, Harley Davidson came out with the 1963 Topper and FL Duo-Glide, 1964 XLCH Sportster, 1965 FL Electra-Glide, 1966 FLH Electra-Glide and Sprint, and the 1967 XLH Sportster. During the 1970s, Harley Davidson developed the the 1971 XLH Sportster and FX Super Glide, 1973 FL Electra-Glide, 1975 XL-1000, XR-750, and the SS-250, 1977 XLCR, 1978 FXS, FLHS Electra-Glide and the XL-1000 Sportster. Since the 1970s, Harley Davidson has developed closed to forty other wonderful additions to the Harley Davidson collection.